How to Complete Your Advance Care Planning

How to Complete Your Advance Care Planning

Who would speak for you if you could not speak for yourself in a healthcare crisis? Advance care planning (ACP) answers this question, along with a second, related question, “Would that person know your values and preferences for healthcare?”

As we have witnessed in the COVID-19 pandemic, anyone at any age can face the possibility of being unable to speak. In addition to disease, situations that can render a person incapable of communicating include accidents, surgery, medication, and loss of consciousness. Appointing someone you trust to ensure your healthcare wishes are followed provides the confidence and peace of mind that comes with being prepared.

So, how can you complete your advance care planning? We offer certified facilitators at no charge to assist you in tackling this difficult topic.

It is normal to feel hesitant about discussing ACP. The conversation can be uncomfortable, awkward, or even scary. However, planning for future healthcare has been shown to reduce hospitalizations, improve patient and family satisfaction, and increase use of hospice care.

ACP certified facilitators skillfully assist individuals, their families, and their loved ones overcome the barriers and engage in person-centered decision making. They do not impose their values but allow you to explore what is important to you, what kind of medical care you prefer, and discuss options for various stages of health.

The conversation is a key element of ACP. Documents may be completed in an attorney’s office, which is appropriate. However, the family and loved ones may not be aware of decisions that were made or who you chose to carry them out. Involving a certified facilitator to guide the discussion enables everyone to hear and support your values and decisions.

Honoring Choices® Indiana – North Central provides certified facilitators at no charge as a service to our community. Contact us today at for more information or to schedule a conversation.